The Witches’ Tea Party

Fall under Autumn’s spell with the Mobile Millinery Museum’s Witches’ Tea Party presentation, a celebration of black hats and tea culture. This Halloween-themed seasonal exhibit is a witch’s brew of black fashion hats through the decades, available throughout September, October, and November only. Call or email for details and see why even witches can’t resist […]

Santa Delivers a Millinery Gift Lift

Let’s face it, a pretty hat can be a real spirit booster; in fact, it used to be common knowledge that the cure for a low mood was the purchase of a new hat. In my mother’s day, a woman never went out in public without a hat, and yes, there were many good reasons […]

The Best of Bes-Ben

I am often asked by collectors new to the world of vintage millinery, “Which 20th century hat designers are the most collectible?” It is a question that is at the same time easy and difficult to answer. There are so many reasons to collect hats with sub-collections ranging from colour to era to style to workmanship. […]

Canada’s Pride: Maria Curcic, Millinery Designer Extaordinaire!

Two new Maria Curcic hats arrived yesterday. This Paris born-and-trained millinery designer is a master.  First out of the box was a work of art called To The Symphony  a stunning veiled headband style with a front-and-centre vintage rhinestone pin that is almost badge-like. The large Duchesse silk bow dominates a diamond dot veil with occasional pearl […]

Queen of Hats

Many Majesty rocked these off-the-forehead, high-crowned turbans she so often wore in the ’60s. It didn’t hurt that the style aesthetic of the day was very matchy/matchy.  Over the years I have collected so many similar 1960s toppers that I was able to exhibit a few hundred of them at Paletta Mansion in Burlington, Ontario on the occasion of the Queen’s Jubilee […]