The Witches’ Tea Party

Fall under Autumn’s spell with the Mobile Millinery Museum’s Witches’ Tea Party presentation, a celebration of black hats and tea culture. This Halloween-themed seasonal exhibit is a witch’s brew of black fashion hats through the decades, available throughout September, October, and November only. Call or email for details and see why even witches can’t resistContinue reading “The Witches’ Tea Party”

Santa Delivers a Millinery Gift Lift

Let’s face it, a pretty hat can be a real spirit booster; in fact, it used to be common knowledge that the cure for a low mood was the purchase of a new hat. In my mother’s day, a woman never went out in public without a hat, and yes, there were many good reasonsContinue reading “Santa Delivers a Millinery Gift Lift”

The Best of Bes-Ben

I am often asked by collectors new to the world of vintage millinery, “Which 20th century hat designers are the most collectible?” It is a question that is at the same time easy and difficult to answer. There are so many reasons to collect hats with sub-collections ranging from colour to era to style to workmanship.Continue reading “The Best of Bes-Ben”

Canada’s Pride: Maria Curcic, Millinery Designer Extaordinaire!

Two new Maria Curcic hats arrived yesterday. This Paris born-and-trained millinery designer is a master.  First out of the box was a work of art called To The Symphony  a stunning veiled headband style with a front-and-centre vintage rhinestone pin that is almost badge-like. The large Duchesse silk bow dominates a diamond dot veil with occasional pearlContinue reading “Canada’s Pride: Maria Curcic, Millinery Designer Extaordinaire!”

Queen of Hats

Many Majesty rocked these off-the-forehead, high-crowned turbans she so often wore in the ’60s. It didn’t hurt that the style aesthetic of the day was very matchy/matchy.  Over the years I have collected so many similar 1960s toppers that I was able to exhibit a few hundred of them at Paletta Mansion in Burlington, Ontario on the occasion of the Queen’s JubileeContinue reading “Queen of Hats”