Secrets Hidden in a 1916 Net Lace Wedding Gown

It’s no secret that I’m into vintage fashion, bigtime! And no matter where and why I travel, I find time to source some special pieces for the Mobile Millinery Museum & Costume Archive. This past July was not different; I picked up some stunning and historically important pieces on my travels which I will blogContinue reading “Secrets Hidden in a 1916 Net Lace Wedding Gown”

The Witches’ Tea Party

Fall under Autumn’s spell with the Mobile Millinery Museum’s Witches’ Tea Party presentation, a celebration of black hats and tea culture. This Halloween-themed seasonal exhibit is a witch’s brew of black fashion hats through the decades, available throughout September, October, and November only. Call or email for details and see why even witches can’t resistContinue reading “The Witches’ Tea Party”

Black Magic, a Vintage Millinery Exhibit Old Hollywood Style

…and now for something completely different Have you fallen in love with the fashions in those old black and white movies? Whether it’s a romantic comedy or a love story, the cinematic experience wouldn’t be the same without the attention-grabbing glamourous hats.    Vintage fashion enthusiasts and fans of the Mobile Millinery Museum presentations now have two hatContinue reading “Black Magic, a Vintage Millinery Exhibit Old Hollywood Style”

Beauty and the Bead

Call me crazy but I’ve decided to mount a 2nd fashion feature presentation for the 2015/2016 season: Beauty and the  Bead will begin touring September 10th. The Mobile Millinery Museum’s bead-embellished hats, gowns, shoes, jackets and handbags are just too pretty to languish in archival storage, so we are trotting out a variety of 19th and 20th century piecesContinue reading “Beauty and the Bead”

The Georgian says Yes to the Wedding Dress Exhibit

Staff of the Georgian Retirement Residence in Dundas Ontario dressed for a day like no other on Thursday as they welcomed the Mobile Millinery Museum’s “Say Yes to the Wedding Dress” presentation.  Residents and guests of the Chartwell facility were treated to a retrospective of bridal finery from the 1860s to the 1980s. Many of the gowns onContinue reading “The Georgian says Yes to the Wedding Dress Exhibit”

Vintage Schiaparelli

I’ve just finished Meryle Secrest’s comprehensive biography of Elsa Schiaparelli, which of course, prompted me to pull a few of Schiap’s licensed pieces from the Mobile Millinery Museum archives.   Schiap’s signature label is hard to miss when shopping for vintage millinery and her style and quality so recognizeable that at times I have asked the occasional hat show attendeeContinue reading “Vintage Schiaparelli”

Now Booking Hat Shows for 2016

While hats are always in season at the Mobile Millinery Museum, May is our busiest month; in fact, I’ve just come off of eight shows in nine days and am gearing up for next week’s schedule of Mother’s Day and Victoria Day hat show celebrations.  We still have some spring and summer dates available forContinue reading “Now Booking Hat Shows for 2016”

Kicking off Hat Season with a Lacey Maria Curcic Stunner

Here at the Mobile Millinery Museum hats are always in season, but our busy time starts in May. In fact, last weekend we presented six shows in four days. Hats say spring, of course, and with Mothers’ Day and Victoria Day falling in this month the hat celebrations and teas keep us busy daily. Hats also say weddings, andContinue reading “Kicking off Hat Season with a Lacey Maria Curcic Stunner”

Gatsby Garments: What They Wore to Roar

Roll down your stockings and throw on some beads as we present Gatsby Garments: What They Wore to Roar. Travel back in time with us to the gin joints and speakeasies, boudoirs and beaches of the roaring twenties, for an intimate look at authentic fashion artefacts from this unique fashion period. Norma Shephard, founder andContinue reading “Gatsby Garments: What They Wore to Roar”