Santa Delivers a Millinery Gift Lift

Let’s face it, a pretty hat can be a real spirit booster; in fact, it used to be common knowledge that the cure for a low mood was the purchase of a new hat. In my mother’s day, a woman never went out in public without a hat, and yes, there were many good reasonsContinue reading “Santa Delivers a Millinery Gift Lift”

5 Reasons to Rock a Turban This Fall

Stella Jean is making turbans fashionable again and it’s about time. Take a look at her Africa Print headpieces¬†and you’ll find it’s hard to focus on the clothing, the hats are so great.¬†The turban is a classic style that has been revived from time to time with variations, but now is not the time toContinue reading “5 Reasons to Rock a Turban This Fall”