Rescuing Unwanted Vintage

When I first began rescuing discarded millinery pieces from the bottom of thrift store bins in 1998, I learned that many a would-be museum donor had been turned away from mainstream museums. I heard again and again that their attempts to gift these facilities with their vintage and antique hats were all but laughed at.Continue reading “Rescuing Unwanted Vintage”

Pearl & Pine says “Yes” to the wedding dress exhibit

Residents of Pearl & Pine Retirement Residence in Burlington were treated to a Valentine’s Day themed exhibit of vintage and antique wedding gowns on Tuesday. A variety of styles and fabrics representing bridal fashion from 1860 to the 1980s was showcased and a sweethearts table set up with audience members’ own wedding photos was enjoyedContinue reading “Pearl & Pine says “Yes” to the wedding dress exhibit”

Come to the City, go Home with Diamonds

“Come to the city, go home with diamonds” is the slogan my clever daughter came up with after our day at the Cityline studios in Toronto. We were there as audience members for Cityline‘s Holiday Open House show which airs tomorrow night in prime time. That’s my daughter on the left, rocking the sequins and cane.  She writesContinue reading “Come to the City, go Home with Diamonds”

Festive Finery at Pearl & Pine

What a welcome we received at our latest hat show. From the moment we walked in the door, we were engulfed in beautiful Christmas décor.   Residents and guests were treated to a champagne tea and listened attentively as staff modelled charming chapeaux from the Victorian era to the present day. Carol Blake, my milliner for theContinue reading “Festive Finery at Pearl & Pine”

Holiday Hat Season

With Remembrance Day, over my thoughts turn from my first book, Dear Harry (a compilation of my grandfather’s World War I experiences) to hats. While putting the finishing touches to my upcoming book on childrens’ clothing, I’ve also been dealing with family illness and my husband’s surgery. But the holiday hat season is gearing up and I’llContinue reading “Holiday Hat Season”

What to do in Cuba When it Rains

Some years ago my daughter and I hired a professional chef to work my husband’s surprise 50th birthday party. Chef came to the house , prepped the appetizers, salads, and hors d’ouvres, and ─to my husband’s horror ─ ran the bar-b-que. The party was a dancing-under-the-stars success. I highly recommend the idea. But what does thisContinue reading “What to do in Cuba When it Rains”