Head- to- toe Tips on How to Dress for a Summer Clearance sale

When I was a kid, my Great Aunt Ella introduced me to the wonders of big city sale shopping. She’d don hat and gloves, prepare her purse with chocolate treats to dole out at intervals, and take me on the streetcar to some of her favourite fashion haunts in Montreal. It was summer in theContinue reading “Head- to- toe Tips on How to Dress for a Summer Clearance sale”

Pancake Hat with Gold Lace Trim

Lace: Bella Vexlar called it the poetry of fashion. Jerry Lee Lewis performed a song about it, and our foremothers spent precious hours creating it. Now, the Mobile Millinery Museum & Costume Archive is taking the best of it on tour. From an 1870s Polonaise trimmed with gold thread lace to a 20th century multi-tiered ballContinue reading “Pancake Hat with Gold Lace Trim”