Secrets Hidden in a 1916 Net Lace Wedding Gown

It’s no secret that I’m into vintage fashion, bigtime! And no matter where and why I travel, I find time to source some special pieces for the Mobile Millinery Museum & Costume Archive. This past July was not different; I picked up some stunning and historically important pieces on my travels which I will blogContinue reading “Secrets Hidden in a 1916 Net Lace Wedding Gown”

Beauty and the Bead

Call me crazy but I’ve decided to mount a 2nd fashion feature presentation for the 2015/2016 season: Beauty and the  Bead will begin touring September 10th. The Mobile Millinery Museum’s bead-embellished hats, gowns, shoes, jackets and handbags are just too pretty to languish in archival storage, so we are trotting out a variety of 19th and 20th century piecesContinue reading “Beauty and the Bead”