Waiting for my Fantasy in Pink

 This beauty, a hot pink sinamay straw with red feathers, is on its way to me from millinery designer Maria Curcic’s studio in B.C.  Although it is fitted with clips, I have asked Maria to add an elastic chignon strap which works best for me with a fascinator. These straps hide under the hair andContinue reading “Waiting for my Fantasy in Pink”

Canada’s Pride: Maria Curcic, Millinery Designer Extaordinaire!

Two new Maria Curcic hats arrived yesterday. This Paris born-and-trained millinery designer is a master.  First out of the box was a work of art called To The Symphony  a stunning veiled headband style with a front-and-centre vintage rhinestone pin that is almost badge-like. The large Duchesse silk bow dominates a diamond dot veil with occasional pearlContinue reading “Canada’s Pride: Maria Curcic, Millinery Designer Extaordinaire!”

Avian Obsessions

For late 19th and early 20th century New Yorkers, bird watching was a pastime that could be enjoyed on the streets and avenues of the bustling city. One did not have to journey to exotic locales in order to find tropical plumage, nor head to the seaside to glimpse a Jack Snipe, Spotted Crake, orContinue reading “Avian Obsessions”

Birds in Fashion

Be they embroidered, sequined, woven, or fashioned from their magnificent plumage itself, birds have long played an important and sometimes controversial role in centuries of fashion design and execution. One of my favourite show hats is this feather-trimmed fascinator by Maria Curcic, called Flaming Desire.  Here is another spectacular piece by this Paris trained designer:Continue reading “Birds in Fashion”