Mothers’ Day Hat Shows & Special Events

The Mobile Millinery Museum is gearing up for our busy May season once again. We kick off Mothers’ Day weekend early this year (Thursday, May 11th) with a visit to the Chartwell Montgomery Village Retirement Residence in Orangeville where we will present our signature Retrospective Millinery Fashion Show.  The Mobile Millinery Museum is home toContinue reading “Mothers’ Day Hat Shows & Special Events”

The Witches’ Tea Party

Fall under Autumn’s spell with the Mobile Millinery Museum’s Witches’ Tea Party presentation, a celebration of black hats and tea culture. This Halloween-themed seasonal exhibit is a witch’s brew of black fashion hats through the decades, available throughout September, October, and November only. Call or email for details and see why even witches can’t resistContinue reading “The Witches’ Tea Party”

Come to the City, go Home with Diamonds

“Come to the city, go home with diamonds” is the slogan my clever daughter came up with after our day at the Cityline studios in Toronto. We were there as audience members for Cityline‘s Holiday Open House show which airs tomorrow night in prime time. That’s my daughter on the left, rocking the sequins and cane.  She writesContinue reading “Come to the City, go Home with Diamonds”

Santa Delivers a Millinery Gift Lift

Let’s face it, a pretty hat can be a real spirit booster; in fact, it used to be common knowledge that the cure for a low mood was the purchase of a new hat. In my mother’s day, a woman never went out in public without a hat, and yes, there were many good reasonsContinue reading “Santa Delivers a Millinery Gift Lift”

The Best of Bes-Ben

I am often asked by collectors new to the world of vintage millinery, “Which 20th century hat designers are the most collectible?” It is a question that is at the same time easy and difficult to answer. There are so many reasons to collect hats with sub-collections ranging from colour to era to style to workmanship.Continue reading “The Best of Bes-Ben”

Black Magic, a Vintage Millinery Exhibit Old Hollywood Style

…and now for something completely different Have you fallen in love with the fashions in those old black and white movies? Whether it’s a romantic comedy or a love story, the cinematic experience wouldn’t be the same without the attention-grabbing glamourous hats.    Vintage fashion enthusiasts and fans of the Mobile Millinery Museum presentations now have two hatContinue reading “Black Magic, a Vintage Millinery Exhibit Old Hollywood Style”

Historical Hat Show at Hollandview Trail

Three enthusiastic staff members of  Hollandview Trail Retirement Residence in Aurora modelled hats for us today as we presented another Retrospective Millinery Fashion Show. The fabulous felt 1960s Christian Dior pictured here made its debut at the show and was well received. Researcher Deirdre Macdonald was also on hand to experience for herself how audiences respond to anContinue reading “Historical Hat Show at Hollandview Trail”

Celebrating 150 Years of Alice in Wonderland

Hats are my wonderland, so imagine my delight when my daughter gifted me with a replica of the Mad Hatter marvel worn by Johnny Depp in the 2010 Tim Burton movie, Alice in Wonderland. 2015 marks 150 years since the publication of the book and the enchanting story still manages to captivate.  The Mobile Millinery Museum houses a greatContinue reading “Celebrating 150 Years of Alice in Wonderland”

Vintage Schiaparelli

I’ve just finished Meryle Secrest’s comprehensive biography of Elsa Schiaparelli, which of course, prompted me to pull a few of Schiap’s licensed pieces from the Mobile Millinery Museum archives.   Schiap’s signature label is hard to miss when shopping for vintage millinery and her style and quality so recognizeable that at times I have asked the occasional hat show attendeeContinue reading “Vintage Schiaparelli”

Bonnets and Dazzlers and history, Oh My!

Enthusiasm for hats ran high at the Canadian Antique Collectors Association meeting in Toronto this month. Members came prepared to model, learn about, and share their own stories of hats on Wednesday, May 20th, at Toronto’s Montgomery Inn, where I presented yet another Retrospective Millinery Fashion Show. The rustic setting came alive with oohs and aahs as volunteersContinue reading “Bonnets and Dazzlers and history, Oh My!”