10 Ways to Have a Truly Hatty New Year

Hatty New YearFashion hats are back; and if you’re not already in the game, 2019 is the time to get serious about them. Twenty years ago, when I began building the collection which launched the Mobile Millinery Museum —I amassed over 2500 vintage pieces— hats were considered so passé that most people assumed this historic fashion accessory was gone from the fashion scene for good, but like all fashion trends, this one is cyclical.

I predicted then that hats would make a comeback; and now that they have, so, it’s time to celebrate them. Here’s how:

  1. Buy yourself a winter toque. They’re everywhere, and with January sales, you can pick one up for a song.
  2. Celebrate National Hat Day on January 15th. Seriously; unless you’re a January baby, what else is there to look forward to during the post holiday slump?
  3. Pick up a Louise Green original while they’re still available. A little bird told me that she’s retiring. I tried on a handful of her beautiful felt creations when I was last at Beau Chaeau in Niagara-on the-Lake.
  4. Hats are spirit boosters, so, for an insta lift, check out and follow your favourite designer’s Instagram or twitter account.
  5. Host a hat-themed children’s craft session. You’ll be amazed at how creative kids can be with a few dollar store items.
  6. Mark your birthday with a hat-themed birthday cake.This is an easy DIY, but you can also order from a custom baker.
  7. Make regular trips to your local thrift shop. Every now and then a classic vintage chapeau turns up.
  8. Splurge on a fantasy hat that you could face a firing squad in. Then wear the hat! Ask anyone who regularly wears hats how good they can make you feel.
  9. Invite friends in for a tea. Use a vintage floral topper for a centrepiece.
  10. Book a retrospective millinery fashion show with the Mobile Millinery Museum for your church, book club, or women’s group.

Published by Norma Shephard

I'm the founder and director of the Mobile Millinery Museum & author of five books on vintage fashion.

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