My 2017 Hat Pick of the Year

Three Things about my 2017 Hat Pick of the Year that you must Experience for Yourself

MARIA CURCIC HEADPIECEWhen I founded the Mobile Millinery Museum back in 1999, my focus was on preserving the lost millinery treasures of the past. I had no idea of the glory to come as modern designers would take up the mantle of hat making, and move millinery into the 21st century.

At the time, millinery had fallen so far out of fashion that mainstream museums were refusing to accept beautiful couture pieces, and were showing fabulous fashions of the past without the wonderful hats that completed the silhouette.  Keen to preserve as much millinery history as I could, I collected and catalogued over 2,500 vintage fashion hats, over half of which are showcased in the book 1,000 Hats. I continue to collect and exhibit vintage millinery, but I have also developed a passion for the many new and exciting pieces being crafted by today’s designers…which brings me to my pick for the 2017 HAT of the YEAR award.

I selected this beauty back in December after perusing the websites of my favourite designers. The hat arrived last week. Here are three things about it that you must experience for yourself to appreciate my choice.

  • Bragging Rights to the Maria Curcic Label: This Paris-born designer’s pieces are recognized internationally, and have been featured in so many fashion periodicals that even she has lost count.
  • Fit and Stability: Slip this on, then have that cocktail and feel free to toss your head back and laugh. The hat won’t slip. That’s a must for me when giving one-hour presentations. Gone are the days when every city, town, and village boasted a millinery shop on every corner. Women enjoyed personal relationships with their hat maker, and attended from one to three fittings for each custom piece. Many of today’s milliners do strictly online business, and create mail-order treasures that fit without the fitting. Curcic is a master at this. Send her the size of your head circumference, and she’ll do the rest.
  • Living the fantasy: Psychologists call it enclothed cognition, the effect that garments have on the wearer’s psychological processes; couture fashion hats have provided women with an emotional and psychological boost for centuries. In other words, you will love how this hat makes you feel.



Published by Norma Shephard

I'm the founder and director of the Mobile Millinery Museum & author of five books on vintage fashion.

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