90 Hats for 90 Years, A Celebration of the Queen’s Birthday

Queen of hats

On April 21, 2016, HRH Queen Elizabeth will celebrate her 90th birthday, becoming the first British monarch in history to reach that milestone. Britain and the Commonwealth will mark the occasion in June with a series of public events.

The Mobile Millinery Museum is celebrating the event with a special exhibit and fashion show titled 90 Hats for 90 Years. this is an opportunity for audiences to view double the usual selection of historic hats as well as a smattering of royalty collectibles, up close and personal.

In addition to 90 Hats for 90 Years, we also offer the following vintage costume presentations:

  • Say “Yes”​to the Wedding Dress Exhibit : As seen in Today’s Bride Magazine and the Hamilton Spectator, this presentation features a collection of antique and vintage bridal fashion, showcasing iconic wedding gowns from the 1860s to the 1980s. Many of the gowns are featured in the book Accessorizing the Bride; Vintage Wedding Fashion Through the Decades and were included in an antique bridal exhibit at Toronto’s Casa Loma.


  • Our signature Retrospective Millinery Fashion Show: The Mobile Millinery Museum is home to over 2500 historical hats, half of which are featured in the popular coffee table book, 1,000 Hats. Each headpiece is a sartorial treasure evoking feelings of nostalgia and memories of special times. Edith Kennedy of the Uxbridge Historical Museum, called our show “fascinating, fun, and entertaining.” 4ab32e1704411513429481318c32f2e3Many find it the perfect accompaniment to a Mothers’ Day tea, Easter, or Victoria Day celebration.
  • Gatsby Garments, What They Wore to Roar: Roll down your stockings, throw on some beads, and scoop some Bees Knees Punch as we present a retrospective of Roaring 20s fashions. Travel back in time with us to the gin joints and speakeasies, boudoirs, and beaches of the transformative 2nd decade of the 20th century, for an intimate look at authentic fashions artefacts from this unique costume period.
  • Beauty and the Bead: This exhibit features bead-embellished gowns, hats, shoes, and handbags including a silk brocade opera gown decorated with three large, exquisitely beaded blue birds, custom made for a performance of the operetta, L’Oiseau Blue (The blue bird).
  • Black Magic: While the colour black was historically reserved for mourning, or associated with revolutionaries and intellectuals, ever since Coco Chanel’s little black dress, it has been the emblem of high fashion chic. Of the over 2500 historical hats in our archive, several hundred are black. We have selected the best of these beauties for our Black Magic Vintage Hat Show, a presentation of millinery glam, Old Hollywood style.

Published by Norma Shephard

I'm the founder and director of the Mobile Millinery Museum & author of five books on vintage fashion.

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