5 Reasons to Rock a Turban This Fall

29-fStella Jean is making turbans fashionable again and it’s about time. Take a look at her Africa Print headpieces and you’ll find it’s hard to focus on the clothing, the hats are so great. The turban is a classic style that has been revived from time to time with variations, but now is not the time to pull on a vintage piece. Chances are you won’t be able to pull off the look; the fit and sit likely won’t go with today’s silhouette.

I’ve been meditating on  what style of hat to buy for fall and I came up with 5 great reasons to select a turban. I confess that I already have one, turban profile

I bought it a few years ago at Beau Chapeau in Niagara-on-the-lake when turbans were rarely found.  It’s a light-weight jersey summer selection that was not too hot to wear even in Cuba. One of my favourite Lilliputs


Here are my 5 reasons to buy a turban this fall:

1/Let’s face it, clothes are expensive and if you can’t afford an entire new wardrobe for fall (who can?)  one of the colourful turbans running hot right now will make everything your closet new and fresh again.

2/ Felt fedoras are great for fall and Lilliput in Toronto has fashioned some  awesome pieces (check out the September issue of Elle Canada), but the high-crowned, wide-brim beauties reminiscent of the ’70s will not go with every silhouette, whereas a turban can be worn with everything from evening gowns to bathing suits.  8992590c3d8f23fee6d6b54997b1f7b6

3/ My husband likes to keep the windows down in the car when we’re driving and crazy wind is death on hairdos. When you’re wearing a turban you can enjoy the breeze and keep your hair tidy at the same time… which brings me to reason number 4 to buy a turban.

4/If your hair is looking less than its best (you’re running to the gym, you have no time to style after showering at the gym, or if it’ s just a plain old bad hair day) a turban covers it all and looks great.

5/Audience members at my Retrospective Millinery Fashion Shows often ask me what style of hat suits their face shape. While it is true that certain styles are more suited to round, square, or heart shaped faces (ovals can wear any style), a turban suits every face shape, and can be embellished in the front, side or back.

I’ve ordered a new turban from millinery designer Maria Curcic and can’t wait to see what she delivers. You know I’ll show you mine, so please show me yours.

Published by Norma Shephard

I'm the founder and director of the Mobile Millinery Museum & author of five books on vintage fashion.

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