Maxima, Queen of Widebrim Hats

maxima05--a Queen Maxima may have resembled a Barbie princess at the state dinner in Ottawa this week, (arriving by horse-drawn carriage certainly helped), but when something other than a ball gown and tiara were called for, she earned her reputation for sartorial glamour with her choice of ultra-wide brim hats. The fact that Hello Canada described these as oversized, (a negative connotation for sure), speaks to the undervalued and misunderstood reputation that millinery continues to receive.

Up-to-the- minute chic by Maria Curcic.

This summer, women would do well to follow the Dutch queen’s lead and protect their skin from sun damage by choosing one of these modern ultra-widebrims over the ubiquitous ball cap or all too common bare head. I have my heart set on a new Maria Curcic asymmetric widebrim she calls Tea Party Envy.

This large-brimmed Navy sinamay straw is banded in blue with black netting and further embellished with vintage flowers and leaves, as well as an assortment of feathers that dangle and delight. Are you feeling like a queen in a hat of your own? Please share an image.
Front view.

Published by Norma Shephard

I'm the founder and director of the Mobile Millinery Museum & author of five books on vintage fashion.

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