Hats to Pack for Cuba

OK, it’s off to Holguin once again for a week in the sun at the Sol Rio de Luna Y Mares resort near Guardalavaca. Depending upon where you travel in this world, you either pack hats to take, or save room for those hats you will buy when you’re away. At least, I hope  you do.

Today, I’m selecting hats to take away. My destination calls for sun protection the minute you step off the plane. Besides, despite all of Cuba’s charms, I can’t count on finding great hats there.

Selection #1:


Here’s a Louise Green straw I bought at Beau Chapeau in Niagara-on-the-lake a few years ago. This hat offers great sun protection for face and shoulders, but tends to lift with even the slightest breeze. Despite the fact that it goes with everything, I will have to leave it at home.

Selection #2:


This bright white cotton is definitely coming with me. It passes the breeze (and even wind) test. It is light and cool and didn’t cost very much, so I can wear it without worry. I picked it up last summer in Prince Edward Island.  Label: Folk Art Canada. I folked it up further with the addition of some vintage millinery flowers. It stuffs easily in my carry-on.

Selection #3:

As much as I’d like to believe I could get by with only one hat while I’m vacationing, there are some outfits I’m taking that are simply too cute not to be accessorized with an amazing hat. Luckily, this Maria Curcic packs flat, sits well on my head and goes great with 3 little beach dresses I’m taking. This one isn’t just for hat shows.  


Selection #4:

If you only buy one hat ever for summer wear, get yourself a panama straw. It’s the lightest and coolest option there is. This classic was a gift from my son, (he picked it up in Costa Rica) and while it has great style,  protects me from the sun and all that, it is simply too precious to risk it getting crushed or dirty. This light-as-air millinery marvel will be staying home.


Selection #5:

This fem fedora was also a gift from my son and it will be coming with me. It’s lightweight and  cool, but it’s mainly for looks. Be sure and wear good sunglasses with this style.


Selection #6:

Here’s one for evening, bad hair, or an open-air ride. It’s a sweet modern take on the classic turban and rolled up, it can fit in your pocket.


Published by Norma Shephard

I'm the founder and director of the Mobile Millinery Museum & author of five books on vintage fashion.

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