Pancake Hat with Gold Lace Trim

DSC_0440 DSC_0441

Lace: Bella Vexlar called it the poetry of fashion. Jerry Lee Lewis performed a song about it, and our foremothers spent precious hours creating it. Now, the Mobile Millinery Museum & Costume Archive is taking the best of it on tour. From an 1870s Polonaise trimmed with gold thread lace to a 20th century multi-tiered ball gown made entirely of Chantilly lace, the Mobile Millinery Museum is digging into the archives to exhibit their best lace pieces from the Victorian era to the 1960s, in celebration of fifteen years entertaining museum patrons, seniors’ groups and fundraising organizations.

Over the years the museum, which is home to over 2500 historical hats, has expanded to include an archive of iconic 19th and 20th century fashions including a rare 1939 Jeanne Lanvin evening gown.

The yellow satin pancake hat featured in this post draws oohs and aahs from audiences of our Legacy of Lace show.   

Published by Norma Shephard

I'm the founder and director of the Mobile Millinery Museum & author of five books on vintage fashion.

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